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735 Don Mills Road, Suite 2501
Toronto Ontario M3C 1T1

tel: 647-477-5473

Warehouse Stuff

We Need Space for New(er) Stuff!

Racks and Cabinets
Full-height (42u) 19-inch and 24-inch computer room rack and cabinet enclosures.We have a number of these, originally branded as Dell, IBM, and others. All are in excellent condition (they were in an equipment room: what could happen?). Models have ventilated front and rear doors, top mounted exhaust fans, power distribution. Numerous options including fixed and sliding shelves, rails, side panels, etc. are available. Please contact us with your requirements. FOB Scarborough Ontario. Pics

$$ Offers!

Sun, SGI, and PC/Apple
We have a limited amount of technically obsolete gear at our warehouse in Toronto. But, if you're looking for that particular piece of hardware it could be a gold mine. From Sun 3 and similar vintage, to SGI Indigo, Indy, Octane and others. We even have some old (and I mean old) Apple 68K and PPC products. Tape drives, disk servers. Probably even a typewriter. Maybe you need props for that retro-sci/fi movie you're about to shoot? Maybe you'd just like to shoot some old computers? What do I know? Just buy some and save it from the landfill in southeast asia.

$$ Offers!

Clearing Up Your Junk Pile?
We can help with that too. We use certified technical recycling facilities to decommission old gear. InfraService can scrub data from hard drives to "military spec" if required. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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